Why is Evening Desert Safari one of the best things in everyone’s tour to Dubai?

Tourists all over the world love their visits to Dubai. One of the most prominent things in traveler’s tour to Dubai is their Evening Desert Safari. You must be thinking why is it this way? Well, the reason lies behind all the entertainment and adventures that it offers its visitors. Loads of activities, fun, and entertainment is the reason for its popularity all over the world. Only one visit helps you gather so many memories with your loved ones. Today, we’ll share some of the interesting things that you’ll be offered during your tour to Evening Desert Safari.

  • Camel Riding:

The first interesting activity is Camel Riding. It is one of the old traditional ways for Arabs to travel. Camels now in the world are not commonly offered for riding, especially, in a desert like a professional camel rider. You don’t have to worry about not knowing the art of Camel Riding as guides are present there to accompany you and help you out in tackling your ride. Getting a little weary after the ride is absolutely normal as we are not habitual of having such experiences in our lives.


Evening Desert Safari

  • Desert Dune Bashing:

Another amazing experience is playing with a luxury car in the middle of a desert. World’s most trusted and expensive cars are used for this activity. The ride is very daring and thrilling. It is the best activity for a person who loves adventure. The car used in this thrilling game are fit to use and checked properly as the safety of tourists is Tour Company’s first priority. Some packages also offer Hummer for Desert Dune Bashing and it makes the ride even more adventurous as well as luxurious.

  • The Falconry Experience:

This is one true Arab experience during Evening Desert Safari Dubai. You are introduced to a falcon that sits on your hand. Of course, your hand is gloved and you’re protected by any harm that can possibly happen. Their trainers are available with them that help you learn how to handle your falcon and take some really cool pictures posing like an Arab. It takes just a little courage to do this and so many beautiful memories come with it.

  • The Entertainment Shows:

A beautiful variety of shows are available for your entertainment during Evening Desert Safari Dubai that will revive your trip even more. You are introduced to the folk and amusing side of Arab culture. The entertainment shows include a Tanoura performance that is basically an old folk form of dance done by Arabs that has some spiritual connections for them. The second show is full of entertainment and is a popular form of dance by Arabs in the whole world. Belly Dance is such an artistic form of dance that is performed by professionals and is truly very amusing.

  • The Arab Themed Dinner:

After all the thrilling activities and a bag full of memories, dinner is served. The dinner is Arabic cuisine and a variety of dishes are offered by the welcoming staff. The dinner is served in an Arabic manner. Your culinary in which dinner is served depicts their true culture and it’s all so amazing.


This is how this one tour is a full package of entertainment, adventure, and memories and this is why it is the most enjoyed part of your vacations to Dubai.



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